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chiropractic(5) coaching(8) crystal healing(0) electrotherapy(0)
energy healing(3) folk medicine(2) herbs(0) holistic health(5)
hypnotherapy(9) massage(13) naturopathy(1) reflexology(1)
reiki(0) sekhem(0)

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1. Shiatsu Therapy
The Shiatsu Therapy Association of British Columbia is a not for profit organization dedicated to providing the highest educational and professional s...
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2. Ashwhin
Holistic therapies spiritual retreats workshops and a stress free work life - be informed and insp...
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3. Fountain City Chiropractic
Providing high quality chiropractic care for the Bryan Ohio area and all of Northwest Ohio commu...
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4. Real Smart Hypnosis
Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Huna from an exclusive practice in Leamington Spa Warw...
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5. Perfect Harmony - Massage Reflexology and Natural
Perfect Harmony s professional Reflexology and Massage therapists provide a full range of natural therapies to bring harmony and balance t...
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6. Massage in Motion
On-site chair massage for the workplace corporate events marketing events convention trade show golf tournaments parties or special event. Serving all of Canada from Toronto Ontario...
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7. Steamboat Springs Sports Massage Rhythmic Touch Ma
Professional Sports Massage Therapy practice lead by Kristi Castle Rhodehamel in Steamboat Springs CO uses a holistic approach to address mind and body in...
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8. Texas Naturopathy
By following the natural laws as set forth in traditional naturopathy you can achieve optimal health by correct diet proper exercise clean environment go...
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9. Lifecare Chiro
Chiropractic and wellness services. Strong focus on soft tissue treatment as well as adjustments. Wellness lifestyle vitamin counseling available to help you achieve the b...
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10. Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking - Linda Cropper
Shropshire and Manchester based hypnotherapist specialising in suggestion and analytical hypnotherapy to stop smoking as well as treatment for weight loss stress depression and anxie...
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11. Himalaya Herbal Healthcare
Since its inception in 1930 Himalaya has focused on developing safe natural and innovative herbal products that will help people lead richer hea...
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12. Toronto Massage Therapy - The Neighbourhood Clinic
Toronto massage therapy clinic specializing in low intensity laser therapy (LILT) treatments for healing relaxation and rehabilitation. Also specializin...
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13. Sculpturing-Massage
New method of massage. Slimming. Courses of Sculpturing-m...
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14. Donyland Lodge Limited
Colchester UK based therapeutic community and school for young people affected by social emotional and behavioural difficulti...
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15. Aquarius Life Coaching
Face-to-face Life coaching services in Birmingham Nottingham Derby and the Midlands; other areas by telephone. Workshops helping with Confidence self-esteem work...
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